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Want to stay informed on the latest news and information from the ERP industry? Whether you are an expert in ERP technology or want to learn about the best software for your company, our blog delivers the news and information you deserve!

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Github with AL Starts

When Github marries with AL (Dynamics 365 BC) in Hello World !!! When we, microsoft dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) consultants start with HelloWorld in Github, we can start...

Staying informed on the latest ERP news and information is critical. As one of the leading ERP consulting companies, we keep an eye on the technology and software industries so you can stay informed on the latest developments.

Our blog covers a wide variety of information that is important to ERP consulting companies, as well as their customers. If there are important changes to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, for example, we will keep you informed with a detailed and useful blog article. We will keep you in the loop on how technologies have improved and what these changes mean to your business and your current ERP. 

Our blog also provides useful advice for anyone who currently uses an ERP or is considering an ERP for their growing business. Blog articles will include topics like selecting the right ERP consulting companies, what features you should have for an ERP software, and the best practices for implementing a cloud ERP system. These are just a few examples of the topics covered in our ERP blog. 

Check out our current blogs and see what’s happening in the ever-changing ERP and software industry…

Work with One of the Top ERP Consulting Companies

S-Metric is one of the leading ERP consulting companies in the nation. As a top IT service, we help clients from a variety of industries achieve better results with their ERP systems. We have guided companies large and small, helping them select ERP features, then installing the system and making sure everyone understands how to use the new technology. 

From picking the right ERP platform to ensuring your staff is comfortable with the features, our team is ready to help from start to finish! Contact one of the top ERP consulting companies in the country and get the service and support you deserve!

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