Acumatica ERP: Why Retail and E-Commerce Businesses Love it
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Acumatica ERP: Why Retail and E-Commerce Businesses Love it

Acumatica ERP helps Retail and E-Commerce Businesses

Ready to take your online and in store business to the next level? Here’s why Acumatica ERP is coming up as one of the best options yet.

When it comes to providing business software solutions for retail and e-commerce stores, there exists several ERP products that can fulfill different needs. That said, some ERP software products deserve extra credit for continuously raising the bar and setting new standards, thereby innovating and outperforming many alternatives and competitors. Currently, Acumatica ERP – particularly the Retail-Commerce Software – has become one of the most highly rated softwares among both ERP experts and e-commerce business operators. We will explore the different capabilities that make Acumatica ERP an optimal choice for online and hybrid retailers.

Solve E-Commerce Complexities with Acumatica ERP

The e-commerce market continues to evolve and consumers have come to expect simple, seamless shopping experiences from online retail vendors. Simplifying the complexities of e-commerce from the inside out with all the right integrations and automations has become a crucial necessity for online stores to gain competitive advantage and support their plans to eventually expand. Essentially, properly implemented Acumatica ERP Commerce Connectors will enable seamless communication between the back-office systems (used for your accounting, warehouse management, fulfillment, etc.) and your e-commerce store front. This connection will allow all data to flow smoothly between your website and your ERP system in the back-end, thereby centralizing processes and gaining a single source of truth to base your operations on. If your business runs on Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, or other e-commerce platforms to sell goods, Acumatica ERP software will deliver the following important (if not indispensable) capabilities. Accurate quality control on all level Maintaining the integrity of your front-end catalog, back-end inventory, as well as every step of the order and fulfillment processes is no longer tedious once Acumatica ERP software is properly implemented.
  • Product information (pricing, availability, etc.) pulled from the ERP system database to ensure the highest accuracy
  • Customer transaction information (sales, allocations, and shipping instructions, etc.) flows towards your ERP order management and inventory systems
  • Flexible item management (especially useful in the case of configured or customized products) and accurate traceability
  • Minimize stock-outs and back orders while speeding up order processing and fulfillment (with safety stock, min/max order quantities, and configurable demand forecast formulas for improved fill rates)
World-class customer support When integrated with your e-commerce website and other internal systems, Acumatica ERP provides an exemplary transparent order process and personalized customer support.
  • Clear and user-friendly website customer accounts with complete order history, tracking information, and other essential details automatically posted
  • Automatic status updates via email (order accepted, in process, order shipped, etc.)
  • Robust CRM suite, providing 360-degree view of all customer activities and records, with real-time insight into performance.
  • Easily handle returns and exchanges across channels Customer-specific pricing and loyalty program
Fast, fully automated data inputs With Acumatica ERP for retail and e-commerce, you can forget about semi-automated or manual processes to keep on top of spreadsheets that seem to accumulate discrepancies of all sorts and impede the smooth success of your operations.
  • Roles and responsibilities of the back-office and the e-commerce storefront are divided to avoid costly data duplication
  • All data extracted directly from your ERP system is accessible real-time – No time lag
  • Reporting, dashboards, and data analysis toolkit make it simple to keep everyone and everything up-to-date
Also — and this is crucial — Acumatica ERP allows businesses to manage all financial transactions using industry best practices, including bank-level security and PCI compliance. Business can now automate every facet of their operations including financials in complete security, with the flexibility to run things their way.

Get Acumatica ERP to Grow Omni-Channel

If your company is planning to start selling across different channels (online, by mail, or in a physical store), you will come to realize that an array of complexities must be simplified in order to do so successfully. If you already run an omni-channel retail business, you’ve probably experienced some extra challenges over the course of the pandemic in relation to shopper needs and expectations for purchasing, picking up, and returning orders according to different preferences. Acumatica ERP solves common pain points, both new and old, that most hybrid retail businesses can relate to. For example, there are extra considerations to plan for to satisfy customers in an omni-channel environment:
  • Ensuring real-time integrity of your online catalog (Pricing, availability for order processing accuracy)
  • Ensuring successful transactions (Credit checking and order approval may require additional connections.
  • Ensuring fast and accurate fulfillment (picking, packing, and shipping, billing and collection)
  • Ensuring follow-up to ensure customer satisfaction
These various challenges combined can make expanding retail across channels quite difficult to achieve without the business intelligence and capabilities Acumatica ERP can empower your operations with. Having one automated system to manage all order inputs is most essential:
  • Online and offline orders are automatically synchronized: By integrating with web stores and POS systems, your ERP system will pull in orders directly from all points-of-sale devices.
  • Provide a seamless and transparent shopping experience: Regardless of where and how your client/customer makes a purchase (webstore, mail orders, in-store purchase, etc.)
  • Managing different models: A mix of business-to-business, business-to-consumer, direct-to-consumer is facilitated by extending the ERP system out to external suppliers and customers.
With all the right seamless automations and integrations designed to streamline and scale up operations, Acumatica ERP for retail and e-commerce prepare businesses for growth by creating efficiencies, and driving cost savings. All you need is the right ERP consultants to get the most out of the software.

How to Get the Most out of Acumatica ERP for Your Retail and E-Commerce business

Adopting new ERP software is a long process that involves considerable effort – You absolutely want to get it right the first time. For this reason, it is important for retail and e-commerce businesses to work with highly specialized Acumatica ERP Consultants who are experienced in their industry. Here at S-Metric, our experts come with decades of extended experience in business IT solutions and in-depth knowledge of Acumatica ERP to provide industry-leading solutions for retail and e-commerce companies of all sorts. We work with retail and e-commerce companies of all sizes, and provide thorough consulting to understand every challenge and particular needs. Our expertise helps optimize the comprehensive suite of connected applications by customizing a system that meets all your expectations and more. Our goal is to optimize the ERP implementation to the highest level in order to fit all your current and anticipated future needs. We make sure you get the most out of software, and assist your team in adopting the system every step of the way. We are passionate about empowering retail e-commerce businesses with the tools to succeed in a time when they most need it. Contact the S-Metric team to request a consultation with an Acumatica ERP expert.

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