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With our exceptional client reference, you know you can depend on us to successfully deploy your Acumatica system software.


Our team of U.S. based certified Acumatica Consultants are highly specialized in Acumatica ERP software integration, providing tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of different businesses. Our goal is to maximize the benefits your business gets out of the most innovative cloud ERP system in today’s market.

S-Metric is committed to provide unrivaled Acumatica Consulting

  • Capability to handle large projects: We have a higher ratio of developers and specialized Acumatica consultants to sales and marketing staff, thereby setting our level of service above the rest.

  • Superior software mastery: We master all editions and suites of Acumatica. Whether your company is looking to implement the optimal system from scratch, or looking to upgrade the solution to fit new needs, our dedicated team of Acumatica consultants can help.

  • Ongoing support: We focus not only on improving your organization’s operation but on making sure our clients are happy by providing the technical support they need to remain agile.


ERP systems aren’t all built the same. Acumatica brings about a total improvement of business operational efficiency combined with data accuracy.

Having no user cost, Acumatica is transforming the business landscape, giving users a broad view of their business performance and providing intuitive tools for better communication with customers and more informed decision making.

Acumatica is a perfect ERP cloud system for small- and medium-scale enterprises with manufacturing needs, financial operation requirements, and field services. It is a simple cloud software that’s easy to use and can be quickly deployed and customized to meet a variety of individual business needs.

Acumatica is fast becoming the go-to software for many small and mid-sized businesses seeking to integrate ERP systems into their business operation.


ERP system integration by Acumatica Consultants

At Smetric, we are committed to helping our partners achieve their business goals and gain a competitive advantage.

Our team of ERP experts are the best in the business and has enabled many of our clients to experience the immense benefits of ERP implementation.

Acumatica cloud ERP software provides full financial and project accounting, reporting, and business CRM functionality needed to effectively manage your enterprise from anywhere.

As a small and midsized business software, the Acumatica ERP platform uses computer languages like C# and supports businesses with its top-notch functionality. It is one of the most advanced ERP platforms for businesses.


Accurate Real-Time Management

All business insights in real-time, from your webstore to your financials and your field service operatives activity. Make it accessible across your operation through interactive dashboards for improved data analysis and self-service reporting.

Accounting and Project Cost Tracking

Powerful financial management capabilities for improved business growth include accounts payable/receivable, ledgers, sales/purchase orders, tracking project inventory, recording and reporting of timesheets and business expenses.

Simple and Scalable System

Complete visibility of your entire business operations no matter how big your business grows thanks to unlimited user pricing. Capability to manage multiple businesses and warehouses with ease in one convenient dashboard.

Streamlined Manufacturing

Acumatica supports your entire manufacturing processes from raw resources to final product shipment. The cloud system can be configured for make-to-stock, make-to-order, and engineer-to-order.

Streamlined Distribution

Minimize costly errors and oversights by fully automating all distribution processes such as order fulfillment, inventory tracking, sales and customer support.

Run E-Commerce Easily

Fully integrate your webstore for data to flow freely to your backend office systems, and streamline online cart orders, warehouse inventory, fulfillment, customer support and returns, as well as associated accounting processes.

Complete Customer Management

Built-in CRM enables easy contact management for marketing, estimate delivery and sales, as well as post-sales customer support. The system integrates a customer portal providing a real-time view into customer activity for your entire operation.

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Industry Leading Solutions and Expertise

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Smooth Integration

Our certified Acumatica Consultants take every measure possible to ensure that the transition and implementation is as smooth as possible, whether you’ve outgrown the current system or are looking for an updated ERP system that can continue growing with you in the long-term.

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Industry Specialty

S-Metric Acumatica Consultants have vast experience in serving businesses in different sectors. Our services are bespoke, and industries we specialize in include E-Commerce Business, Food Industry, Fashion Industry & Warehouse Implementation.


Get the most out of Acumatica Cloud ERP by entrusting the implementation of your system to a professional team like that of S-Metric. We provide hands-on support and a proven ERP consulting and implementation approach that will help supercharge your business at every turn.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can tailor our service to meet your business needs.