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How to Install Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on premisis on your server

When you start a project, the first step you should do is install Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Do this whether you go with the cloud-based platform or not. Building the first installation allows you to explore the environment without limitations, as the online demo version only has a basic package.

In this demonstration, we’ll show you how to install Business Central, Version 19, also known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2021 Wave 2. (We know, it’s a long name!)

Don’t worry, the process is quite easy…

In your preferred search engine, search for “download Microsoft Dynamics 365 business central 2021 wave 2.” You should see the following website:

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That sounds easy and, frankly, it is!
Once you complete the download, you will see the optional installation file.
Usually, I choose it as a developer and install all the components. As a developer, you need those environments to fully test the system.

Once you’ve completed this step, the hard work will take care of itself. Keep in mind that after you install it, you’ll want to restart the server so it will take effect in IIS. Once you finish the installation, launch “Business Central Web Client”. Once you click on it, you might see this:

Unfortunately, this means something went wrong. Before you panic, simply go to the administration panel to solve the problem…

You will notice that it’s been stopped. But why? When you try to click “Start” on the right side, it will tell you something very vague:
Now they are asking you to go somewhere else to discover what caused the error message. If you have reliable IT support, recruit their help. Since my IT guy is always moody 😊, we will try to solve the problem ourselves… First, let’s go to “Event Viewer,”
Then you will find Event Viewer -> Windows Logs -> Application. You should see the error message in this section.
Okay, since I don’t like Where’s Waldo, I gave you hint. It has something to do with permission changes. After this, go back to the Administration tool. If you click your tenant on the left side, you will see the service account on the right side.
Go there and enter your user name and password.
Then restart the server. Once back up, it should be running like a charm!
Enjoy Business Central; after all, it’s the best SMB ERP in the world!