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Food & Beverage Distribution ERP

Smetric erp industry solutions Food Distribution

Do you have problems with out-of-stock and overstocked inventory?
An ERP implementation consultant can manage your forecast to buy the right products at the right time.

Do you have headaches controlling recalled products? 
A food or beverage recall, which is all too common in the industry, can create a significant problem to your distribution efforts. We can personalize your ERP so it traces all of your products from the supplier to the end customer. This allows you to seamlessly manage a product recall. With a personalized ERP for your distribution operations, you’ll be better prepared when a recall occurs. 

Do you have headaches from FDA inspections? 
Food safety is perhaps the most important task that distributors perform on a daily basis. Maintaining high safety standards, backed by a clear procedure, is essential to your company and vital to your customers. We will implement a food safety procedure module for you so that you meet the high standards set by the FDA. Don’t risk non-compliance, make sure you have an ERP implementation consultant so you maintain superior safety at all times! 

Do you forget to remove expiring products?
As a distributor serving the food and beverage industry, removing and replacing expiring products is an important task. Making sure that older products are shipped first is essential to your bottom line, but do you know which products to move? We can modify your ERP so it provides unique First-In-First-Out (FIFO) inventory management solutions. An ERP implementation consultant will ensure the right products are shipped at the appropriate times. 

Do you have catch weight issues? 
Understanding catchweight, and how it impacts your overall efforts, is critical. Used in food distribution, especially seafood, catchweight is often a replacement for total units, but you need an ERP system that is modified to work within these standards. We present three different options for catchweight that others can’t offer, creating better solutions when you are distributing items like beef, poultry, or fish.

Do you have efficiency issues with picking pallets? 
Accurate, efficient pallet picking helps your supply chain thrive. However, it can be a major concern for many companies. A food distribution ERP tailored to your pallet-picking needs will ensure consistency and accuracy. We optimize pallet picking by making it stable while enabling efficient picking.

These are just a few of the common issues that companies in the food distribution industry encounter. These problems impact daily operations and bottom line profits; they can become a major source of frustration for leaders in the distribution industry. 

Having seen and solved many of these issues, the experts at S-Metric can modify your company’s food distribution ERP software with the necessary personalizations to meet your specific requirements.

Of all the industries we serve, the food and beverage sector is perhaps the most important, which is why we are so proud to offer personalized food distribution ERP software. If we can make the food industry more efficient and cost-effective, we have done something that matters!


We Understand the Problems Faced by Food and Beverage Distributors

Food and beverage distributors face a variety of complex and frustrating challenges. This sector, which we all count on for healthy, fresh, readily-available foods, is deeply detailed, heavily scrutinized, and highly regulated.

Food distribution works with extremely tight margins, and companies need to set their prices at a rate that is affordable to consumers yet profitable to your company. If prices are off, it can mean a loss of profits or the need for re-billing and sorting invoices. This can force your finance or sales team to spend hours trying to correct the situation. 

Recalls can create a massive problem for your food and beverage distribution. Distributors need to track products accurately or there could be tangled problems trying to determine which products are recalled and which products are not.

Rebates are another issue commonly faced by food distributors. Rebates, which are crucial to a steady, healthy food supply, help you maintain better profits and can guide your distribution decisions. But companies may not be getting all the rebates they are entitled to, which essentially means they are missing out on essential profits.

As all food and beverage distributors know, compliance with the FDA and other regulating organizations is critical. It’s not only crucial to the future of your operation, but it’s critical to the safety of the general public, the people who count on your company for safe, healthy foods. With so many regulations, however, staying in compliance becomes a challenge, which is why properly-modified food distribution ERP with an ERP implementation consultant is so important. 

We understand the problems that confront food and beverage distributors all across the country. Because we understand them, we can tailor your ERP implementation consultant service so it helps achieve the best results!  

Providing the Solutions You Need with a Tailored ERP

Companies working in this sector need to manage resources, maintain safety, deal with recalls, and stay within the regulations of the FDA.

This can’t be done without a food distribution ERP, but different companies have different needs. While there are platforms that deliver the basic requirements, a food distributor must have features and tools that help maintain a consistent, profitable workflow. We can take your ERP and modify it to your needs or install a new ERP that is perfectly tailored for your food-distribution operations.

Streamlining Operations
Efficiency matters in any business. This is even more critical in food and beverage distribution, where every product is on a strict timeline. We can mold an ERP so that it streamlines your processes and gives you fast access to real-time data. This can help you increase efficiencies, reduce delays, and ensure all products are moving swiftly. 

Guiding Inventory in the Most Effective Manner
Companies in this sector need a food distribution ERP that helps them deal with inventory in the best possible fashion. The ability to track and trace all items, at any time, is a fundamental part of your success; a personalized ERP helps you stay on top of all items while providing the information you need. 

Regulation and Compliance
Compliance is too important for an out-of-the-box ERP. By modifying an ERP to your specific needs, we can provide the tools required to collect data and organize it in an appropriate manner. You’ll also be able to respond quickly to inquiries from regulators, allowing you to meet their needs so you can move forward with your operations.

Helping Your Supply Chain
An effective supply chain is essential to any distribution company. It’s the foundation of your business, so your ERP needs to be properly tailored to maintain a thriving chain. An ERP implementation consultant can perfectly modified to your needs, you can keep the right items coming in while monitoring trends and streamlining operations. An ERP implementation consultant can create a stronger supply chain!

Providing the Intelligence You Deserve
Is your data fast, accurate, and understandable? Are you getting the food and beverage information you need to make effective decisions? Food distribution ERP software, adjusted with an ERP implementation consultant, can deliver the data you need to make the best choices for your company. 

Using the Top ERP Systems to Improve Your Distribution Business

With tools like Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and Acumatica, we can personalize a food distribution ERP to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and reliable operations. Contact our ERP implementation consultant team today to learn more about personalized food distribution ERPs. 

Fashion Distribution & Apparel Manufacturing ERP

Fashion Distribution ERP solutions by S-metric, Inc.

From inventory management to overseeing finances, distributors in the fashion and apparel industry need to be on top of many different factors. With a personalized ERP, using dynamic systems like Microsoft Dynamic Business Central or Acumatica, your distribution business can be more efficient and more profitable.

Do you have forecasting challenges with new SKUs? 
Forecasting can be one of the biggest problems for apparel distributors. Unlike other industries that may have fairly consistent forecasts, apparel forecasts may be seasonal and depend on factors like consumer tastes and trends. This can be especially challenging when your company is implementing a new SKU, which is why an ERP implementation consultant is so important.

We set up attribute-based forecast generation forecasting with attributes using Machine Learning (ML). When you create a new SKU, you will still get accurate forecasting and a prediction on the number of products or services to be purchased during a defined future period.

Do you need to control factories that you do not own? 

In the fashion and apparel industries, distributors often do not own the factory where their goods are produced. This creates layers of complexity when dealing with plants, which are often in a different country, if not an entirely different continent. 

We handle Virtual Manufacturing (VM) processes that allow you to simulate and optimize the critical operations and entities in a factory plant. This makes it easy to control the vendor’s manufacturing process during every step while predicting your inbound inventory.

Do you capture showroom sales and demand?

What is your process for capturing showroom demand? Is your ERP personalized to capture this information and provide it in a manner that helps make effective decisions? 

We handle integrations to generate an ST (MM) document (stock transfer), allowing you to handle orders at the showroom in seamless connection with your ERP system, webshop, and your back-office by setting the appropriate status of orders.

To thrive in a highly competitive yet ever-growing market, companies in the fashion and apparel industry need to optimize their processes, especially as they grow and need to expand their operations. S-Metric is the expert in all things ERP for the fashion industry, with specific methods and solutions to overcome all resource planning challenges typically experienced by fashion distributors and apparel manufacturers.

Managing the complexities of the fashion and apparel industry is critical to the success of a distribution team. You can’t do it alone; you need the support of a personalized ERP!

With an ERP that has been perfectly fit to your specific operation, you’ll maintain accurate ordering, greater efficiencies, and superior profitability.

Fashion and Apparel Distribution Brings Complex Problems

To outsiders, the fashion and apparel sector may seem like a fairly simple industry. But as you know, this business brings complex challenges to distributors. There are numerous clothing variables to organize, a complex supply chain, forecasting challenges, and more. A personalized ERP implemented by a team who understands the technology, as well as your industry, is critical. 

So what are the challenges faced by fashion and apparel distributors?

Complex Orders with Multiple Designs, Colors, and Sizes
The clothing and apparel industry is extremely complex, with numerous variables on a wide variety of products. A shirt, for example, can come in dozens of colors, various sizes, and even include different cuts, such as long sleeve and short sleeve. If we assume 12 colors, 5 sizes, and 2 different sleeve lengths, a single shirt design could come in 120 different variations. Suddenly a simple product has become massively complex; ordering production from manufacturers and managing requests from retailers is now a staggering task.

An Extensive Supply Chain with Numerous Links
From the manufacturer to the post-production handler to overseas shipping to port authority to warehouses to trucks to the retailer. The list could go even deeper! But the point is simple: the fashion and apparel industry has a complex supply chain that requires detailed tracking and management at all phases.

Not Knowing How Much to Produce and Ship
Forecasting is incredibly difficult in the fashion and apparel industry. Consumer demands and trends change constantly, which makes having the perfect amount of product seemingly impossible. Predicting the right amount of products can be the difference between a successful business with a steady income or an inconsistent company with unreliable orders, impatient customers, and missed opportunities. 

Manufacturing Process Out of Your Control
Although this is seen in other industries, it’s all too common in fashion and apparel: the manufacturing process is often out of your control. A distributor may not own the factory, which makes overseeing the process almost impossible, especially if you are not connected through a tailored ERP.

We understand these challenges. As experts in your industry, we can personalize an ERP so it meets your needs. No matter what your specific role in the complex fashion and apparel industry, a properly-aligned ERP can increase profits, enhance efficiencies, and help you achieve your full potential!

A Fashion and Apparel ERP Brings Reliable Solutions

The professionals at S-Metric recognize these problems. We have a strong grasp of the difficulties involved in clothing and apparel distribution, and we can shape an ERP so that it accurately meets your needs. 

For example, we can help create a system that allows you to seamlessly oversee the ordering and shipping of numerous clothing products in different styles, colors, sizes, and designs. You can work with our staff to make sure all the details are accurately portrayed and organized in your ERP. 

With a personalized ERP built by experts in the fashion and apparel industry, you’ll have better forecasting for your company, resulting in superior efficiencies, happier customers, and a thriving, consistent business. 

Not only will we implement a tailored ERP system for your distribution company, we’ll help you integrate that system into your daily operations, guiding you through the entire process. We’ll show you how the system works and help your staff understand why it’s important and how to use it.

With a strong focus on the users, we can help you achieve better results for your distribution company!

Fitting Microsoft Business Dynamics BC and Acumatica to Match Your Needs

Using ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and Acumatica, we can ensure your apparel distribution company is ready for the complex challenges of this industry. 

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, or “BC,” is a premier system for management solutions in virtually any sector, and, when properly tailored, it can be one of the most effective programs for distribution companies. With Microsoft Dynamics BC, you can utilize a modern interface that is accessible from any location, allowing you and your team to stay connected to the supply chain at all times. Our team can personalize your apparel ERP software to reduce time spent on small, menial tasks, freeing your time and energy for broader oversight of the company. 

It can also be tailored to provide business intelligence that is critical to the fashion and apparel industry. Your leadership team will be able to make clear, data-driven decisions that bring stronger results to your business. 

Acumatica is also an excellent choice for fashion, clothing, and apparel distribution. This software makes a world-class apparel ERP, but it needs to be properly personalized to each company. This is where a fashion ERP expert comes in! 

We understand the fashion and apparel industries, and we know how to help distributors get the right tools and features from their ERPs. If you work in this dynamic, ever-changing sector, put our experience, knowledge, and dedication to work for you!

E-Commerce & Retail ERP

S-Metric is ready to help you overcome the challenges of e-commerce, making your sales more efficient while allowing you to make targeted decisions. From a better user experience to tracing orders, we can modify an ERP system so it meets your high standards!

Do you have an omnichannel ERP solution?

Whether a customer buys from the website, EDI, POS, or Amazon, it ties into one seamless system. This makes the entire process more functional and user-friendly, resulting in a better customer experience and a consistent process for your operations. 


Do you have headaches controlling recalled products?

We provide solutions for three main e-commerce platforms (Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce), all ready to function out of the box. With these platforms, you’ll be better equipped to deal with the complex challenges of a recall, which can be crippling for e-commerce companies when not handled properly. 

Do you have headaches from drop shipment orders?
“Dropshipping,” where an e-commerce business doesn’t keep products in stock but instead purchases as-needed from a wholesaler, can be a profitable and budget-friendly way to conduct business. But it creates another layer of complication, as you need to deal with multiple wholesalers in addition to customers and shippers. Our solutions include traceable orders visible to anybody.

Do you run both wholesale and retail at the same time?
Companies that have both “brick-and-mortar” stores as well as e-commerce sales need to have everything synched and uniform. Prices, discounts, and inventory should be kept in one system. Our omnichannel solutions make it easy to transact between wholesale and retail clients.

Do you have a fast return procedure? 

We enable fast return processes, which will simplify inspections and warehouse returns. With faster results, you can enhance the customer experience, increase repeat sales, and deliver faster cashflow. 

E-commerce ERP solutions by S-metric, Inc.

Consumers have increasingly high expectations when it comes to their retail and online shopping experience. Our team of specialists in ERP software for retail and e-commerce will iron out all the stubborn kinks in your system to simplify the processes for you and your customers.

E-Commerce is a Complex Industry with Daily Challenges

If you conduct business in the e-commerce space, you need an ERP solution shaped by experts who understand your needs and personalize the system so that it fits your specific business model. 

But what are the challenges faced by e-commerce businesses? As you likely know, there are many…

Categorizing Complicated Products
As an e-commerce company, you likely have many different categories of products and numerous products within that category. Some products may even span multiple categories, creating a complex web of categorization. Products can be categorized by brand, material, purpose, weight, total price, price-per-unit, and more.

Managing and Planning Inventory
Planning for demand and replenishing stock can be a constant challenge for e-commerce businesses. You need to have the perfect stock levels to ensure your cash flow is strong, all without creating too much overhead.

Processing Issues
Processing the complexities of a single order is difficult enough. Processing hundreds, thousands, even millions of orders…that requires an ERP system that is perfectly modified to your business and can meet the unique details of your products. 

Organizing Financial Information
Where are the best profits coming from? Which products are a drag on your overall finances? Finding this information, and reviewing it in an organized fashion, can be one of the major problems for businesses operating in e-commerce. 

Warehousing and Storage Details
What products are being stored? How much do you have in stock? Will the current inventory be enough for the coming weeks? This issue is a major concern for e-commerce managers and owners, and they need an ERP platform that can work with warehousing and storage information in a unique and tailored fashion. 

Targeted Marketing and Promotions
When it comes to e-commerce advertising, many companies are simply guessing. They create a plan that is not backed by real data, which means results are inconsistent, at best. These e-commerce companies may not have the right marketing data, so creating targeted, specific, effective ads is far more challenging when you don’t have a properly-tailored ERP.

Providing Solutions to Meet these Challenges

These challenges can be difficult to overcome. But it’s far from impossible when you have a tailored ERP that matches the specific needs of your e-commerce business. 

With our dedicated team of ERP experts, experts who also understand the problems facing e-commerce and retail companies, you’ll be better equipped to meet customer demand, process orders quickly, make strategic marketing decisions, and maximize the best profit-driving products in your store. 

There are many ways that our experts can craft solutions that fit your needs. If required, we can personalize an ERP system so that it optimizes the checkout process while giving your staff a variety of options. We can help eliminate time-consuming manual input and include features like promotion calculations, special orders, loyalty points, or whatever else would best suit your business.

Managing stock levels and planning inventory can become simple and easy with a personalized ERP. With proper demand planning and replenishment capabilities, you’ll have tools that bring stronger cash flow. You can work with automatic or manual replenishing, or if it matches your business, a combination of the two. 

We can also modify your e-commerce ERP to provide better intelligence on financials and business information. This can help you better understand the performance of your business and identify buying patterns that can be leveraged for higher profits. 

Providing an Omnichannel Solution

One of the most important concepts in e-commerce is the idea of “omnichannel.” Omnichannel describes a business strategy that brings all shopping experiences across every channel into a seamless, consistent platform. Essentially, it delivers a consistent experience to the customer while unifying all sales.

Of course, each company will need a different omnichannel solution, and systems need to be molded and modified to meet ever-changing demands, technologies, and market conditions. 

Having an omnichannel solution can bring numerous benefits. It can help generate more leads, attract new customers, enhance customer retention, and improve overall customer satisfaction.   By making it easier for customers to purchase from you, e-commerce can be crucial to your longterm success. It can also help by consolidating inventory information into one dataset and tracking all sales, whether in-store or online. 

Tailoring the Top Technologies to Your E-Commerce Business

It all comes down to having an e-commerce expert, one who understands the needs of e-commerce and retail businesses and can shape an ERP to your unique requirements. Whether you have an outlet that is entirely online, a chain of retail stores, or a combination of in-person and online sales, working with the right team will deliver the best results.

Furniture Manufacturing ERP

S-Metric Furniture Manufacturing ERP Consultants

Do you have problems managing orders and billing of multiple units of measure for various materials?
We set up your purchasing system, your inventory control system, and your bills of material to recognize different units and their specific requirements, whether they are measured by volume, by area, by length or by pieces.

Do you have trouble determining how much material remains after running a batch?
We can make your ERP system identify the percentage of unusable or wasted material of each Work Order, so it can easily be adjusted according to each case and to log any subsequent stock adjustment to a ledger.

Do you struggle with too many SKUs causing confusion and frequent mis-ordering?
We simplify the process with sales and order configurators that guide users through a questionnaire which defines and captures their every requirement with exact precision. With every detail and option selected by the client, the configurator facilitates the creation of a matching one-for-one Works Order and MRP (Materials Requirements Planning) can read that Works Order to ensure that any necessary sub-assemblies and purchased items are available when required.

Furniture manufacturing companies have requirements that only industry specialized ERP software and implementation experts can fulfill. The S-Metric team handles all the typical idiosyncrasies of furniture manufacturing ERP software along with your unique requirements to  set up a system that will best optimize your processes and operations.

“Having S-Metric by my side has given me huge Peace of Mind. They helped me make good decisions from the start and continue to support me and my company moving foward. I am truly impressed and pleased with the level of professionalism and quality of the service.”

Abraham Lincoln University

“The system is heavily customized and S-Metric will have numerous meetings for your wishlist. They were very helpful with integrating our old system to NAV and providing new functions.”


“When I considered implementing an ERP system for my business, the most important factor I considered was not only the software capabilities itself but also the post-integration support after going live. The team at S-Metric has proven time and time again to be reliable and effective.”

Cathay LA


At S-Metric, we are committed to helping our partners achieve their business goals and gain a competitive advantage. Our team of ERP industry specialized experts are the best in the business and have enabled many of our clients to experience the immense benefits of customized ERP implementation.

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