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Specialized ERP Solutions for Your Business

Choosing an ERP solution for your business means starting a professional relationship with a new trusted partner. To make this partnership work, you have to choose a company with unique specialty and expertise—a team that can help you adapt and surmount any future business challenges.

As a company trusted by some of the fastest-growing enterprises, S-Metric can provide full-service ERP implementation solutions for a special range of industries, including e-commerce businesses, the food industry, the fashion industry & warehouse implementation.

Working with us gives you a real view of your entire business anytime and anywhere, allowing you to maintain daily operations with complete access to needed tools, data, and functions.


Food & Beverage Distribution

Do you have problems with out-of-stock/over-stocked inventory?
We can manage your forecast to buy the right products at the right time.

Do you have headaches controlling recall products? 
We trace all of your products from supplier to the end customer.

Do you have headaches from FDA inspections? 
We will implement a food safety procedure module for you.

Did you forget to remove an expiring product? 
We have a unique first in first out (FIFO) inventory management solutions with LOT.

Do you have catch weight issues? 
We present 3 different options for catch weight that others can’t offer.

Do you have efficiency issues with picking pallets? 
We optimize pallet picking by making it stable while enabling efficient pick.

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Smetric fashion distribution erp solutions | Industries | S-Metric

Fashion Distribution

Do you have forecasting challenges with new SKUs? 
We help you forecasting with attributes using ML.  When you create a new SKU, you will still get accurate forecasting.

Do you need to control factories that you do not own? 
We handle virtual manufacturing processes, that make it easy to control vendor’s manufacturing process, so we can predict our inbound inventory.

Do you capture Showroom sales & demand? 
Our integration show room


Do you have an Omnichannel solution? 
Whether a customer buys from Web, EDI, POS, or Amazon, it ties to all one system.

Do you have an integration issues? 
We have 3 main programs (Magento/Shopify/BigCommerce) covered in out of box.

Do you have headaches from drop shipment orders? 
Our solution has traceability of orders visible to anybody.

Do you run both wholesale & retail at the same time? 
Our Omni channel solution makes it easy to transact between wholesale and retails.

Do you have a fast return procedure? 
We enable fast return processes, which make it simple for inspection & warehouse.

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Transportation Management

Do you have headache handling BOL & Containers together? 
Our unique solution handles both BOL & Containers utilizing 2 tier levels. 

Do you have headache to distributing costs properly? 
Our 2 level tier cost distribution works to bring you the true landed cost. 

Do you have solid non parcel shipment solution? 
Our Shipment solutions handles non parcel order, such as local truck, LTL with API integration, and FTL with a bidding system. 

“Having S-Metric by my side has given me huge Peace of Mind. They helped me make good decisions from the start and continue to support me and my company moving foward. I am truly impressed and pleased with the level of professionalism and quality of the service.”

Abraham Lincoln University

“The system is heavily customized and S-Metric will have numerous meetings for your wishlist. They were very helpful with integrating our old system to NAV and providing new functions.”

101 Tech USA

“When I considered implementing an ERP system for my business, the most important factor I considered was not only the software capabilities itself but also the post-integration support after going live. The team at S-Metric has proven time and time again to be reliable and effective.”

Cathay LA

At Smetric, we are committed to helping our partners achieve their business goals and gain a competitive advantage. Our team of ERP experts are the best in the business and has enabled many of our clients to experience the immense benefits of ERP implementation.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can tailor our service to meet your business needs.