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Fashion Distribution & Apparel Manufacturing ERP

From inventory management to overseeing finances, distributors in the fashion and apparel industry need to be on top of many different factors. With a personalized ERP, using dynamic systems like Microsoft Dynamic Business Central or Acumatica, your distribution business can be more efficient and more profitable.

Forecasting can be one of the biggest problems for apparel distributors. Unlike other industries that may have fairly consistent forecasts, apparel forecasts may be seasonal and depend on factors like consumer tastes and trends. This can be especially challenging when your company is implementing a new SKU. 

We set up attribute-based forecast generation forecasting with attributes using Machine Learning (ML). When you create a new SKU, you will still get accurate forecasting and a prediction on the number of products or services to be purchased during a defined future period.

In the fashion and apparel industries, distributors often do not own the factory where their goods are produced. This creates layers of complexity when dealing with plants, which are often in a different country, if not an entirely different continent. 

We handle Virtual Manufacturing (VM) processes that allow you to simulate and optimize the critical operations and entities in a factory plant. This makes it easy to control the vendor’s manufacturing process during every step while predicting your inbound inventory.

What is your process for capturing showroom demand? Is your ERP personalized to capture this information and provide it in a manner that helps make effective decisions? 

We handle integrations to generate an ST (MM) document (stock transfer), allowing you to handle orders at the showroom in seamless connection with your ERP system, webshop, and your back-office by setting the appropriate status of orders.

To thrive in a highly competitive yet ever-growing market, companies in the fashion and apparel industry need to optimize their processes, especially as they grow and need to expand their operations. S-Metric is the expert in all things ERP for the fashion industry, with specific methods and solutions to overcome all resource planning challenges typically experienced by fashion distributors and apparel manufacturers.

Managing the complexities of the fashion and apparel industry is critical to the success of a distribution team. You can’t do it alone; you need the support of a personalized ERP!

With an ERP that has been perfectly fit to your specific operation, you’ll maintain accurate ordering, greater efficiencies, and superior profitability.

Fashion and Apparel Distribution Brings Complex Problems

To outsiders, the fashion and apparel sector may seem like a fairly simple industry. But as you know, this business brings complex challenges to distributors. There are numerous clothing variables to organize, a complex supply chain, forecasting challenges, and more. A personalized ERP implemented by a team who understands the technology, as well as your industry, is critical. 

So what are the challenges faced by fashion and apparel distributors?

The clothing and apparel industry is extremely complex, with numerous variables on a wide variety of products. A shirt, for example, can come in dozens of colors, various sizes, and even include different cuts, such as long sleeve and short sleeve. If we assume 12 colors, 5 sizes, and 2 different sleeve lengths, a single shirt design could come in 120 different variations. Suddenly a simple product has become massively complex; ordering production from manufacturers and managing requests from retailers is now a staggering task.

From the manufacturer to the post-production handler to overseas shipping to port authority to warehouses to trucks to the retailer. The list could go even deeper! But the point is simple: the fashion and apparel industry has a complex supply chain that requires detailed tracking and management at all phases.

Forecasting is incredibly difficult in the fashion and apparel industry. Consumer demands and trends change constantly, which makes having the perfect amount of product seemingly impossible. Predicting the right amount of products can be the difference between a successful business with a steady income or an inconsistent company with unreliable orders, impatient customers, and missed opportunities.

Although this is seen in other industries, it’s all too common in fashion and apparel: the manufacturing process is often out of your control. A distributor may not own the factory, which makes overseeing the process almost impossible, especially if you are not connected through a tailored ERP.

We understand these challenges. As experts in your industry, we can personalize an ERP so it meets your needs. No matter what your specific role in the complex fashion and apparel industry, a properly-aligned ERP can increase profits, enhance efficiencies, and help you achieve your full potential!

A Fashion and Apparel ERP Brings Reliable Solutions

The professionals at S-Metric recognize these problems. We have a strong grasp of the difficulties involved in clothing and apparel distribution, and we can shape an ERP so that it accurately meets your needs. 

For example, we can help create a system that allows you to seamlessly oversee the ordering and shipping of numerous clothing products in different styles, colors, sizes, and designs. You can work with our staff to make sure all the details are accurately portrayed and organized in your ERP. 

With a personalized ERP built by experts in the fashion and apparel industry, you’ll have better forecasting for your company, resulting in superior efficiencies, happier customers, and a thriving, consistent business. 

Not only will we implement a tailored ERP system for your distribution company, we’ll help you integrate that system into your daily operations, guiding you through the entire process. We’ll show you how the system works and help your staff understand why it’s important and how to use it.

With a strong focus on the users, we can help you achieve better results for your distribution company!

Fitting Microsoft Business Dynamics BC and Acumatica to Match Your Needs

Using ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and Acumatica, we can ensure your apparel distribution company is ready for the complex challenges of this industry. 

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, or “BC,” is a premier system for management solutions in virtually any sector, and, when properly tailored, it can be one of the most effective programs for distribution companies. With Microsoft Dynamics BC, you can utilize a modern interface that is accessible from any location, allowing you and your team to stay connected to the supply chain at all times. Our team can personalize your apparel ERP software to reduce time spent on small, menial tasks, freeing your time and energy for broader oversight of the company. 

It can also be tailored to provide business intelligence that is critical to the fashion and apparel industry. Your leadership team will be able to make clear, data-driven decisions that bring stronger results to your business. 

Acumatica is also an excellent choice for fashion, clothing, and apparel distribution. This software makes a world-class apparel ERP, but it needs to be properly personalized to each company. This is where a fashion ERP expert comes in! 

We understand the fashion and apparel industries, and we know how to help distributors get the right tools and features from their ERPs. If you work in this dynamic, ever-changing sector, put our experience, knowledge, and dedication to work for you!