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E-Commerce & Retail ERP

S-Metric is ready to help you overcome the challenges of e-commerce with a retail ERP, making your sales more efficient while allowing for targeted decisions. From a better user experience to tracing orders, we can modify an ERP system so it meets your high standards!

Whether a customer buys from the website, EDI, POS, or Amazon, it ties into one seamless system. This makes the entire process more functional and user-friendly, resulting in a better customer experience and a consistent process for your operations.

We provide solutions for three main e-commerce platforms (Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce), all ready to function out of the box. With these platforms, you’ll be better equipped to deal with the complex challenges of a recall, which can be crippling for e-commerce companies when not handled properly. 

“Dropshipping,” where an e-commerce business doesn’t keep products in stock but instead purchases as-needed from a wholesaler, can be a profitable and budget-friendly way to conduct business. But it creates another layer of complication, as you need to deal with multiple wholesalers in addition to customers and shippers. Our solutions include traceable orders visible to anybody.

Companies that have both “brick-and-mortar” stores as well as e-commerce sales need to have everything synched and uniform. Prices, discounts, and inventory should be kept in one system. Our omnichannel solutions make it easy to transact between wholesale and retail clients.

We enable fast return processes, which will simplify inspections and warehouse returns. With faster results, you can enhance the customer experience, increase repeat sales, and deliver faster cashflow.

Consumers have increasingly high expectations when it comes to their retail and online shopping experience. Our team of specialists in ERP software for retail and e-commerce will iron out all the stubborn kinks in your system to simplify the processes for you and your customers.

E-Commerce is a Complex Industry that Requires a Retail ERP

If you conduct business in the e-commerce space, you need an ERP solution shaped by experts who understand your needs and personalize the system so that it fits your specific business model.

But what are the challenges faced by e-commerce businesses? As you likely know, there are many…

As an e-commerce company, you likely have many different categories of products and numerous products within that category. Some products may even span multiple categories, creating a complex web of categorization. Products can be categorized by brand, material, purpose, weight, total price, price-per-unit, and more.
Planning for demand and replenishing stock can be a constant challenge for e-commerce businesses. You need to have the perfect stock levels to ensure your cash flow is strong, all without creating too much overhead.
Processing the complexities of a single order is difficult enough. Processing hundreds, thousands, even millions of orders…that requires an ERP system that is perfectly modified to your business and can meet the unique details of your products.

Where are the best profits coming from? Which products are a drag on your overall finances? Finding this information, and reviewing it in an organized fashion, can be one of the major problems for businesses operating in e-commerce.

What products are being stored? How much do you have in stock? Will the current inventory be enough for the coming weeks? This issue is a major concern for e-commerce managers and owners, and they need an ERP platform that can work with warehousing and storage information in a unique and tailored fashion.

When it comes to e-commerce advertising, many companies are simply guessing. They create a plan that is not backed by real data, which means results are inconsistent, at best. These e-commerce companies may not have the right marketing data, so creating targeted, specific, effective ads is far more challenging when you don’t have a properly-tailored ERP.

Providing Solutions with a Tailored Retail ERP

These challenges can be difficult to overcome. But it’s far from impossible when you have a tailored ERP that matches the specific needs of your e-commerce business. 

With our dedicated team of ERP experts, experts who also understand the problems facing e-commerce and retail companies, you’ll be better equipped to meet customer demand, process orders quickly, make strategic marketing decisions, and maximize the best profit-driving products in your store. 

There are many ways that our experts can craft solutions that fit your needs. If required, we can personalize an ERP system so that it optimizes the checkout process while giving your staff a variety of options. We can help eliminate time-consuming manual input and include features like promotion calculations, special orders, loyalty points, or whatever else would best suit your business.

Managing stock levels and planning inventory can become simple and easy with a personalized ERP. With proper demand planning and replenishment capabilities, you’ll have tools that bring stronger cash flow. You can work with automatic or manual replenishing, or if it matches your business, a combination of the two. 

We can also modify your e-commerce ERP to provide better intelligence on financials and business information. This can help you better understand the performance of your business and identify buying patterns that can be leveraged for higher profits. 

Providing an Omnichannel Solution

One of the most important concepts in e-commerce is the idea of “omnichannel.” Omnichannel describes a business strategy that brings all shopping experiences across every channel into a seamless, consistent platform. Essentially, it delivers a consistent experience to the customer while unifying all sales.

Of course, each company will need a different omnichannel solution, and systems need to be molded and modified to meet ever-changing demands, technologies, and market conditions. 

Having an omnichannel solution can bring numerous benefits. It can help generate more leads, attract new customers, enhance customer retention, and improve overall customer satisfaction.   By making it easier for customers to purchase from you, e-commerce can be crucial to your longterm success. It can also help by consolidating inventory information into one dataset and tracking all sales, whether in-store or online. 

Tailoring the Top Technologies to Your E-Commerce Business

It all comes down to having an e-commerce expert, one who understands the needs of e-commerce and retail businesses and can shape an ERP to your unique requirements. Whether you have an outlet that is entirely online, a chain of retail stores, or a combination of in-person and online sales, working with the right team will deliver the best results.