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Food & Beverage Distribution ERP

Do you have problems with out-of-stock and overstocked inventory?
We can manage your forecast to buy the right products at the right time.

Do you have headaches controlling recalled products? 
A food or beverage recall, which is all too common in the industry, can create a significant problem to your distribution efforts. We can personalize your ERP so it traces all of your products from the supplier to the end customer. This allows you to seamlessly manage a product recall. With a personalized ERP for your distribution operations, you’ll be better prepared when a recall occurs. 

Do you have headaches from FDA inspections? 
Food safety is perhaps the most important task that distributors perform on a daily basis. Maintaining high safety standards, backed by a clear procedure, is essential to your company and vital to your customers. We will implement a food safety procedure module for you so that you meet the high standards set by the FDA. Don’t risk non-compliance, make sure you have an ERP in place so you maintain superior safety at all times! 

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Do you forget to remove expiring products?

As a distributor serving the food and beverage industry, removing and replacing expiring products is an important task. Making sure that older products are shipped first is essential to your bottom line, but do you know which products to move? We can modify your ERP so it provides unique First-In-First-Out (FIFO) inventory management solutions. This will ensure the right products are shipped at the appropriate times. 

Do you have catch weight issues? 
Understanding catchweight, and how it impacts your overall efforts, is critical. Used in food distribution, especially seafood, catchweight is often a replacement for total units, but you need an ERP system that is modified to work within these standards. We present three different options for catchweight that others can’t offer, creating better solutions when you are distributing items like beef, poultry, or fish.

Do you have efficiency issues with picking pallets? 
Accurate, efficient pallet picking helps your supply chain thrive. However, it can be a major concern for many companies. A food distribution ERP tailored to your pallet-picking needs will ensure consistency and accuracy. We optimize pallet picking by making it stable while enabling efficient picking.

These are just a few of the common issues that companies in the food distribution industry encounter. These problems impact daily operations and bottom line profits; they can become a major source of frustration for leaders in the distribution industry. 

Having seen and solved many of these issues, the experts at S-Metric can modify your company’s food distribution ERP software with the necessary personalizations to meet your specific requirements.

Of all the industries we serve, the food and beverage sector is perhaps the most important, which is why we are so proud to offer personalized food distribution ERP software. If we can make the food industry more efficient and cost-effective, we have done something that matters!


We Understand the Problems Faced by Food and Beverage Distributors

Food and beverage distributors face a variety of complex and frustrating challenges. This sector, which we all count on for healthy, fresh, readily-available foods, is deeply detailed, heavily scrutinized, and highly regulated.

Food distribution works with extremely tight margins, and companies need to set their prices at a rate that is affordable to consumers yet profitable to your company. If prices are off, it can mean a loss of profits or the need for re-billing and sorting invoices. This can force your finance or sales team to spend hours trying to correct the situation. 

Recalls can create a massive problem for your food and beverage distribution. Distributors need to track products accurately or there could be tangled problems trying to determine which products are recalled and which products are not.

Rebates are another issue commonly faced by food distributors. Rebates, which are crucial to a steady, healthy food supply, help you maintain better profits and can guide your distribution decisions. But companies may not be getting all the rebates they are entitled to, which essentially means they are missing out on essential profits.

As all food and beverage distributors know, compliance with the FDA and other regulating organizations is critical. It’s not only crucial to the future of your operation, but it’s critical to the safety of the general public, the people who count on your company for safe, healthy foods. With so many regulations, however, staying in compliance becomes a challenge, which is why properly-modified food distribution ERP software is so important. 

We understand the problems that confront food and beverage distributors all across the country. Because we understand them, we can tailor your ERP software so it helps achieve the best results! 

Providing the Solutions You Need with a Tailored ERP

Companies working in this sector need to manage resources, maintain safety, deal with recalls, and stay within the regulations of the FDA.

This can’t be done without a food distribution ERP, but different companies have different needs. While there are platforms that deliver the basic requirements, a food distributor must have features and tools that help maintain a consistent, profitable workflow. We can take your ERP and modify it to your needs or install a new ERP that is perfectly tailored for your food-distribution operations.

Streamlining Operations
Efficiency matters in any business. This is even more critical in food and beverage distribution, where every product is on a strict timeline. We can mold an ERP so that it streamlines your processes and gives you fast access to real-time data. This can help you increase efficiencies, reduce delays, and ensure all products are moving swiftly. 

Guiding Inventory in the Most Effective Manner
Companies in this sector need a food distribution ERP that helps them deal with inventory in the best possible fashion. The ability to track and trace all items, at any time, is a fundamental part of your success; a personalized ERP helps you stay on top of all items while providing the information you need. 

Regulation and Compliance
Compliance is too important for an out-of-the-box ERP. By modifying an ERP to your specific needs, we can provide the tools required to collect data and organize it in an appropriate manner. You’ll also be able to respond quickly to inquiries from regulators, allowing you to meet their needs so you can move forward with your operations.

Helping Your Supply Chain
An effective supply chain is essential to any distribution company. It’s the foundation of your business, so your ERP needs to be properly tailored to maintain a thriving chain. With the ideal software perfectly modified to your needs, you can keep the right items coming in while monitoring trends and streamlining operations. 

Providing the Intelligence You Deserve
Is your data fast, accurate, and understandable? Are you getting the food and beverage information you need to make effective decisions? Food distribution ERP software, adjusted to your company, can deliver the data you need to make the best choices for your company. 

Using the Top ERP Systems to Improve Your Distribution Business

With tools like Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and Acumatica, we can personalize a food distribution ERP to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and reliable operations. Contact our team today to learn more about personalized food distribution ERPs.