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Furniture Manufacturing ERP

S-Metric Furniture Manufacturing ERP Consultants

Do you have problems managing the orders and billing multiple units of measure for various materials?
We set up your purchasing system, your inventory control system, and your bills of material to recognize different units and their specific requirements, whether they are measured by volume, area, length, or pieces.

Do you have trouble determining how much material remains after running a batch?
We can make your ERP system identify the percentage of unusable or wasted material in each work order. It can then be easily adjusted according to each case and made to log any subsequent stock adjustment to a ledger.

Do you struggle with too many SKUs causing confusion and frequent wrong orders?
We simplify the process with sales and order configurators that guide users through a questionnaire that defines and captures their every requirement with exact precision. With every detail and option selected by the client, the configurator facilitates the creation of a matching one-for-one works order and MRP (Materials Requirements Planning). It can read that works order to ensure that any necessary sub-assemblies and purchased items are available when you need them.

Do you struggle to meet the market’s changing demands? 
Furniture manufacturers have a constant struggle, always trying to stay ahead of trends while meeting the changing demands of customers across multiple fronts. Tastes and trends shift, but an ERP can help you identify potential changes and meet new demands head-on. 

Are you unable to keep promises to customers? 
With so many variables and numerous steps in the manufacturing process, it’s far too easy for a simple order to become overly complex. Miscommunication can cause a rippling effect and create significant delays, but with a furniture ERP, you can significantly reduce the chances of delayed orders or errors that cause customer dissatisfaction. 

Furniture manufacturing companies have requirements that only industry-specialized ERP software and implementation experts can fulfill. The S-Metric team handles all the typical idiosyncrasies of furniture manufacturing ERP software along with your unique requirements to  set up a system that will optimize your processes and operations.

With our support, you can simplify your processes, bring all aspects of the business into one ERP, and create better results for your team and your customers. Let us help reduce costs and enhance your business with a fully functional, tailored ERP using Microsoft Dynamics Business Central or Acumatica.


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“The system is heavily customized and S-Metric will have numerous meetings for your wishlist. They were very helpful with integrating our old system to NAV and providing new functions.”

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“When I considered implementing an ERP system for my business, the most important factor I considered was not only the software capabilities itself but also the post-integration support after going live. The team at S-Metric has proven time and time again to be reliable and effective.”

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At S-Metric, we are committed to helping our partners achieve their business goals and gain a competitive advantage. Our team of ERP industry specialized experts are the best in the business and have enabled many of our clients to experience the immense benefits of customized ERP implementation.

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What Understand the Challenges Facing Furniture Manufacturers

The furniture manufacturing process is complex, with a range of challenges that require constant attention from owners and managers. From planning resources to maintaining production to ensuring a smooth supply chain, furniture manufacturing can bring a staggering assortment of unique challenges. 

Here are some of the top challenges we see in the furniture industry: 

Maintaining Cost without Sacrificing Quality
Customers all across the globe expect high-quality furniture products, but also expect a low price on all of their purchases. This creates an extremely difficult challenge for furniture manufacturers, who need to find efficiencies and cost reductions at every possible phase of the manufacturing process.

Overseeing Numerous Variables
Furniture comes in a huge assortment of varieties. There are different colors, textures, sizes, shapes, and countless fabrics that can be used to create a product. This creates numerous challenges to finding the right combination that is both attractive to customers and profitable to your business. 

Creating Furniture for Different Customers
Furniture manufacturers serve both commercial and residential customers. These two types of buyers have different goals and different needs. An ERP system can help with products and plans that are tailored to each type. 

Managing Raw Materials
The efficient use of raw materials in furniture manufacturing can be difficult. Using leftover wood, for example, can help reduce costs and improve profitability. But where, and how, can this extra material be used? Finding that answer can be complex.

Multiple Warehouses
Furniture manufacturing, because of the sheer size of the products, often requires additional storage. Managing these warehouses and knowing where certain products are being stored is critical to swiftly fulfilling orders.

Emergence of E-Commerce
Furniture manufacturing, like all industries, is being heavily influenced by e-commerce. Manufacturers need to be ready to utilize e-commerce and use it to their advantage, but proper management for these purposes requires an experienced ERP consultant. 

As you can see, furniture manufacturers face a wide range of challenges. With a tailored ERP based on the top platforms, including Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and Acumatica, you’ll be better equipped to face these challenges. We understand these difficulties and can create a furniture manufacturing ERP that fits the specific needs of your business.


A Tailored Furniture ERP Can Provide the Solutions You Deserve

At S-Metric, we understand the needs of furniture manufacturers. With this knowledge and experience, we can create a tailored ERP that matches your specific needs and helps you maintain low costs and high profits, all without sacrificing the quality of your products. 

Each furniture manufacturer will be different, and we can modify an ERP so that it has the specific functions you need for high-quality results, sustained profitability, and increased customer satisfaction. Whether you are supplying furniture to wholesalers and distributors or selling directly to the end-user, we can ensure your ERP has the right functionality and features. 

With the support of our team, you can enjoy integrated software that improves your relationships with clients and customers, as well as the suppliers you rely on for materials and products. You can have a fully-integrated customer-management system that connects sales, support, and service in one location, giving you and your customers a seamless experience. 

Create Better Inventory Management
Inventory, as we have noted, is one of the most complex and consequential challenges of furniture inventory management. With an ERP system modified to your needs, you can have timely reports on inventory and receive low-stock alerts or information on excessive stock in a certain area. Altogether, this will help you maintain production without creating extreme overhead. 

Greater Communication and Harmony Between Warehouses 
If needed, all of your warehouses can be perfectly synced from a centralized ERP system. This will ensure a clear picture for management, who can access complete information, across all locations, on inventory and the operations process. By connecting warehouses under one ERP platform, your overall operations will be more efficient and streamlined. 

Better Customer Satisfaction
You can achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction with a tailored furniture ERP. The right platform, modified to your business, can provide faster processing of data while storing customer history so you can quickly address all concerns. 

From reducing production costs to effectively planning your resources, a furniture ERP for manufacturers is the perfect solution for a variety of issues. 

Microsoft Dynamics BC and Acumatica for Furniture Manufacturing

If you are ready to improve your furniture manufacturing process, a Microsoft Dynamics Business Central ERP or Acumatica ERP can help you overcome the complex challenges of this industry. 

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, also known as “Microsoft Dynamics BC,” is one of the most advanced systems, capable of creating ERP solutions for any industry. It’s especially useful as a furniture ERP, as it can be modified to provide the solutions and tools needed for this unique sector. It can provide a modern interface that is accessible from any location, allowing you and your team to stay connected at any time. Our team can customize your ERP so it reduces time spent on small tasks, freeing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

An Acumatica ERP is also a fine choice for the furniture-manufacturing industry. This versatile, modern system can be fully tailored and personalized to the unique needs of each business, creating dynamic solutions for your team. 

Contact our staff today and we’ll help you select, install, and implement a world-class furniture ERP!