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Intelligence with AI/ML

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Company data is more valuable than ever. We possess the expertise to leverage your precious data and transform it into actionable insights. Our process begins with optimizing your data in a data warehouse, followed by defining it in either a relationship database or a non-relationship database. We harness the power of AI tools, such as ChatGPT, to perform in-depth data analysis and generate future-oriented results. Our goal is to ensure that your data becomes an invaluable asset for your organization’s growth. By capitalizing on this advantage, you can stay ahead of your competitors.

Data warehousing

Establishing a robust data warehousing infrastructure serves as the initial and crucial phase of a business intelligence project. It is imperative to define the appropriate data lake and data warehousing solutions to ensure efficient storage and retrieval of data, enabling timely and accurate reporting. At S-Metric, our team includes certified Database Administrators (DBAs) who excel in managing both relational and non-relational databases. They ensure secure and scalable connections of client data to multiple sources, facilitating a seamless and efficient data environment.


Integration of 3 rd party data

Relying solely on your proprietary data has inherent limitations. Our role is to facilitate the integration of client data with external sources like Google or Facebook, ensuring access to accurate market trends and additional insights. This integration empowers clients to conduct advanced market research, enabling them to gain deeper insights into their competitors’ positioning and track how their customer base is evolving, ultimately enhancing their strategic decision-making.

AI prompt management

When harnessing AI services, it is essential to ensure that you formulate precise and targeted questions to obtain accurate answers. Our well-established prompt management, combined with our extensive industry knowledge, enables us to craft the right queries for AI systems like ChatGPT or Bard, ensuring that they provide the desired results. Once we acquire the data, it’s equally important to iterate and refine the input to the AI system multiple times to aggregate and distill the most accurate answers. This iterative process allows us to extract comprehensive and reliable insights from the AI, enhancing the quality and depth of the information we receive.