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Deploy Multiple Web Services for Your Dynamics 365 Sandbox

web services for your Dynamics 365 sandbox

Sandbox with multiple webservers in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Setting up Sandbox is one of the most important tasks for develoers & QA.  It creates the enviorment that you can go wild, and test it and deploy it.  However, You probably do not want to create each windows servers per each sandbox.  So Here is some trick that how we can deploy multiple web servers.

  1. Multi Tenants setup.  You need to have mutiple tenants set it up first.  Once you set it up, you can easily run multiple RTC.


2.  Web Service Deploymennts As a developer, I did not want to set it up anything complicated.  When it is intalled frist time with wizards, web servers is installed with wizard already.  But when you try to install second web server instances, you need little bit of power shell command. PS210726

Just in case you want to copy & paste it, here is command line sample.

New-NAVWebServerInstance -WebServerInstance BCDEV -Server localhost -ServerInstance BCDEV -SiteDeploymentType Subsite -ContainerSiteName “Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Web Client” -WebSitePort 8080 -Publish Folder “C:\WebPublish” -ClientServicesPort 7146 -ManagementServicesPort 7145

Just to make my life easier, I’ve copied C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central\140\Web Client\Web Publish into C:\Web Publish so you will have less command line in powershell.

You can also deploy with different port etc, but you will need extra certificate and a lot of other unnecessary headaches for sandbox.  Keep it simple and practicle, that will be the way we can accomplish.

Creating mutliple sandbox without relying on our IT guy is one of big winners in this task.  Our IT guy will focus on protecting randsomeware while I’m creating multiple sandboxes anytime I want it, which give increased flexiblity of your testing worlds.

If you are interested in more regarding deploying mutliple sites or any Dynamics 365 Business Central, please feel free to email us at and we will