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ERP Selection

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We possess extensive knowledge of ERP systems and their applications across various industries. Our expertise spans Process and Discrete Manufacturing, Distributions, and Service Management. We are well-versed in the strengths and weaknesses of different ERP products, as well as the industry leaders in each sector. Our understanding of ERP extends beyond its functional aspects; we also comprehend the underlying platforms and ecosystems that drive ERP solutions. In addition to assisting clients with ERP selection, we provide comprehensive support throughout the implementation process. We believe that selecting an ERP system should be based on factors such as industry requirements, company culture, executive vision, and market trends over the next five years.


Each company possesses its distinct culture and operational processes. Even when clients operate within the same industry, they may not necessarily opt for the same ERP system due to the individuality of their company’s culture. Our approach involves an analysis of the company’s present values and culture, coupled with an understanding of their aspirations for future processes. We then consolidate this data to formulate the optimal solution for the company in terms of IT infrastructure, ERP, and Data Intelligence platform.


Gap Analysis

Once we’ve established a goal, it’s essential to assess our current position in relation to where we aim to be. Conducting a reality check for the company’s situation is crucial for creating a budget and timeline that are grounded. Our dedicated Gap Analysis teams engage in discussions to identify shortcomings and evaluate their relative significance. After determining the weighted gap priorities, we align them with the company’s Return on Investment and establish a realistic timeline. These findings are then summarized and presented to the executive teams. Understanding the gap is a critical step in selecting the right ERP system, as it enables clients to make well-informed decisions that are both suitable and practical for their current operational environment.

TO-BE Model Selection

Following thorough discovery and gap analysis, the next crucial phase is to identify the appropriate ERP system that aligns with the company’s future needs. While choosing the right ERP is a
pivotal initial step, it is equally, if not more, essential to secure the right implementation partner. S-Metric plays a vital role in project and process management from the client’s perspective, ensuring the accurate application of all ERP requirements and a successful implementation.

Our involvement extends beyond the implementation phase, as we also ensure that support plans and maintenance are expertly executed and configured throughout the system’s lifecycle.