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S-Metric | ERP Consulting Personalized for your Business – old

How can S-Metric's ERP Consulting Experts help your business?

Inventory Management

Accurate, consistent inventory is critical to your bottomline. You can't afford to be sitting on too much or too little inventory. ERP consulting experts can help manage your inventory.

Resource Management

If you can't produce products on time, it's a planning nightmare. Whether it be issues with scheduling and deadlines, capacity planning, or risk assessments—we’ve successfully solved them all.

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Finance Management

Are you having trouble finding your actual bottom line and determining where profit is coming from? Our accounting experts will help you set up the correct budgeting and cash management tools.

The Problem

Many companies dealing with extensive growth believe that finding the right software (enterprise resource planning, also known as “ERP”) will solve all of their problems.

However, finding the right software is just the beginning. 

Unfortunately, software or ERP systems are rarely personalized for the needs of an individual business. A fashion company may not have the same needs as a food distribution business. Each company has different needs, but ERPs are not created to meet these specific needs. At least, not until they have been tailored by an ERP professional.

Because systems are often made with a one-size-fits-all approach, companies experience a variety of problems when implementing an ERP. These problems may include issues with inventory management, resource management, and finance management. Inventory can be too low or too high, resource distribution can be delayed, and determining where profits are originating can be nearly impossible.

These are different issues, but they all come down to one fundamental cause: the lack of a personalized ERP.

The Solution

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software modified for your business by experts who understand your needs!

You deserve a tailored ERP. You deserve an ERP software that is custom fit to your specific needs, one that will help you reach your goals while making your business more efficient, more effective, and more profitable.

We are proud to  help you achieve these goals. With a tailored ERP, your company will be better prepared for the complexities that come from overall growth. 

We understand the needs of companies in many sectors, including: 

  • Food distribution and manufacturing
  • Apparel distribution and manufacturing
  • Furniture and homegoods distribution and manufacturing
  • E-commerce and retail

 Let us improve your business processes through by fitting an ERP to your specific business.

The wrong ERP or ineffective features can slow your business, but the right program, tailored by an ERP professional who knows your industry, can launch your company into the future!

We help ambitious businesses like yours generate more profits by building awareness, driving web traffic, connecting with customers, and growing overall sales. Give us a call today!

“ I can't say enough good things about this team. They took over our NAV integration after the last partner made a complete mess and left us hanging. It took a pretty long time but they were so honest, patient, and knowledgeable to get us up to a point where we could actually work in our ERP system normally. We even had our production database overwritten and they stayed with us the entire time (all night and all day) to get us back up and running. I had the privilege to work with the entire and they really looked out for our best interest and get things resolved in an efficient and timely manner. I highly recommend them for any ERP project/integration/migration!! ”

Nick Rucci
Turning Point Brands

ERP Consulting Services Done Right

At S-Metric, our ERP consultants experts use proven Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation methods and best practices to manage all your business projects and help your company stand out from the competition.

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ERP Analysis

We close critical information gaps by analyzing your company's sales, keeping in mind your specific objectives. Our team of ERP software consultants will make informed recommendations.


What good is the software if it isn't customized to your needs? We will customize your software experience using industry best practices.


Smooth integration across your company's platforms and divisions is critical. We will make sure your systems are maximizing their potential and benefits for you.


As your ERP implementation consultants, we will make sure wrinkles are ironed out before the system and its customizations are set into motion.

Industry Leading ERP Solutions and Expertise

About Acumatica

As a small and midsized business software, the Acumatica ERP platform uses computer languages like C# and supports businesses with its top-notch functionality and proven track record. Acumatica Cloud is one of the most advanced and customizable ERP platforms for businesses of all kinds.

About Dynamics BC

Moving your operations to Microsoft Dynamics BC ERP software is a significant business strategy. It provides deep customization and ease of use but it is not a DIY process. Implementing this robust system requires system solutions and a trusted partner who possesses the required skill set.

Industry Specialties

S-Metric has vast experience in serving businesses in different sectors. Our services are bespoke, and ERP consulting experts serve E-Commerce Business, Food Industry, Fashion Industry & Warehouse Implementation.

Food & Beverage Distribution
Do you have problems with out-of-stock/over-stocked inventory? We can manage your forecast to buy the right products at the right time.
Do you have an Omnichannel solution? Whether a customer buys from Web, EDI, POS, or Amazon, it ties to all one system.
Fashion Distribution
Do you have forecasting challenges with new SKUs? We help you forecasting with attributes using ML. When you create a new SKU, you will still get accurate forecasting.
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Companies We Work With

S-Metric, Inc. uses AI predictions to:

Forecast your sales and inventory to maximize your warehouse space.
Increase the company’s efficiency and maximize cash flow.
Make sure your inventory gets to the right location at the right time.
Forecast your sales and inventory to maximize your warehouse space.

To make sure your inventory gets to the right correct location at the right time.

To predict the first so it can increase the overall cash flow to increase the company’s efficiency

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ERP for Food Distribution

We know that food distribution can be incredibly complex, while the profits are often extremely thin. Food companies are faced with countless challenges, but without the proper support of a personalized food distribution ERP, overcoming these challenges can be virtually impossible. 

With the support of a tailored ERP based on the best software available, your food-service company can enjoy greater efficiency and stronger profits. A tailored ERP can change how you deal with distribution issues like supply chain management, food storage, driver organization, and more. If you operate a food distribution company, make sure you have the assistance of a ERP consulting professional who can implement the right features. 

Fashion and Apparel ERP Consulting

For the fashion, apparel, and garment industries, countless variables need to be managed. From a product perspective, you need to deal with variations in size, color, and fabrics, as well as changes in design, prints, cuts, and more.

With so many variables, it can be nearly impossible to manage your fashion distribution, apparel, and clothing manufacturing company with an out-of-the-box ERP. We understand the difficulties faced by apparel manufacturing and fashion distribution companies, and we can modify an ERP so it meets your needs

ERP Services for E-Commerce Companies

Today’s economy is dominated by e-commerce. Whether your retail is completely online or you’re adding e-commerce to a broad list of services, make sure you have an ERP that can deliver the best results. Order management is an issue that can be extremely complicated for e-commerce companies, but with an ERP modified just for your company, you’ll reduce errors and ensure every customer gets the right item at the right price.  

A properly adjusted e-commerce ERP system will help you take orders, ship them swiftly, and manage payments with impressive efficiency. 

Retail ERP Software

Regardless of your specific retail store, you need to make sure everything is properly organized with expert ERP consulting. You need the correct inventory to meet your customers’ demands, all while maintaining a manageable overhead. You also need to maintain proper information and organize sales channels. 

We would be proud to support your business by altering an ERP so it meets the diverse needs of a retail company. Don’t let low inventory or poor resource management become an issue for your growing retail business. Instead, get a refined ERP that will help you deal with numerous aspects of the retail industry.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central ERP

With our team, you’ll have the service of an industry expert who also understands Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. We know how to tailor reliable, supportive systems based on this powerful platform, allowing you to thrive in any industry. Microsoft Dynamics BC has multiple tools and options that we can leverage to improve your business organization.

Let us implement a Microsoft Dynamics Business Central ERP so it meets the challenges of your unique business.

Acumatica ERP Systems

Acumatica is one of the most modern ERP solutions. This versatile platform can integrate with multiple services and solutions out of the box, allowing developers to seamlessly connect and integrate various applications. 

If you have decided that Acumatica is the right program for you, let us help. We have the experience to modify an Acumatica cloud ERP so it enhances your business operations. We can also provide consulting services so you can make the best decision for your business. Whether or not you choose an Acumatica ERP, we’ll be here with the support and service you deserve.

ERP Consulting: Helping You Manage Success

With these technologies and more, you can significantly increase the potential of your business, no matter what your industry. Don’t limit your growth by using an outdated, underwhelming ERP. Work with our team and let us create the right ERP for your specific needs. 

You deserve the best systems from a professional ERP consultant. Contact our team and let’s get started today!

Get the ERP Consulting Services You Deserve

S-Metric has the skills, experience, and knowledge to meet your ERP software needs. Contact our team to learn more about our ERP consulting services. With years of experience using Microsoft Dynamics BC and Acumatica, as well as a strong understanding of your industry,  we can meet your needs and help your company be more efficient, productive, and profitable!

Contact our team today!