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[Acumatica] Cannot get into my demo “admin”

acumatica cant get into demo screenshot

Multi Tenants “Admin” in Acumatica

Playing with new software is always fun; although takes a lot of time.  Acumatica has interesting way to manage multi tenants.  When admin accounts uses sames password, it groups it together naturally.  I guess it makes sense that since same admin using same password, they assume it is probably same person, so mind as well let them move around tenant move freely.

However, somehow we got into problem logging in C100 tenants.  Whatever the reason, it didn’t take admin default password “setup”.  I’ve uninstalled the tenant and reinstalled, but it was very stubborn.

Whatever the reason, i need help to reset password.  I was reaching out our presales teams but they didn’t know.  Then i need to reach out to our community.  They were very nice enough to answer us right away.

Simple SQL Script

That simple SQL script update the admin password easily.  Initially i was looking for users in SQL users (as you can guess, I’m not IT expert).  But later realized that Acumatica has own users (table) that manages username and password in tenants level.  As long as you have enough power in SQL, you can manage entire acumatica users credential.  It goes very similar apporach to Dynamics 365 Business Central, now.

Therefore, whoever own the data, sa or dbo, they control the software!  That is new lord of the ring.