Specialized ERP Solutions For Your Business

Choosing an ERP solution for your business means starting a professional relationship with a new trusted partner. To make this partnership work, you have to choose a company with unique specialty and expertise, a team that can help you adapt and surmount any future business challenges.
As a company trusted by some of the fastest-growing enterprises, S-Metric can provide full-service ERP implementation solutions for a special range of industries, including E-Commerce Business, Food Industry, Fashion Industry & Warehouse Implementation.

Working with us gives you a real view of your entire business anytime and anywhere, allowing you to maintain daily operations with complete access to needed tools, data, and functions.


Warehouse Distribution

Improve supply chain efficiency and warehouse management with features such as Directed put-away, LPN, 3PL, Light/Advanced Warehousing, Bin Management, Wave Picking and Cross-docking solutions. Get equipped to face global distribution challenges head-on with S-Metric distribution industry solutions.


Multi-system solutions for small and midsized eCommerce businesses. Get built-in integration of eCommerce tools like Shopify, Magento, Big-commerce, Amazon, Walmart, and EDI to efficiently manage orders, inventory, shipments, customer service, and accounting.

Fashion Distribution

ERP software provides a centralized system for fashion business processes. It will assist in virtual manufacturing operations, order matrix, intelligent attributes, more productivity and also promote communication between customers, coworkers, and vendors.

Produce Distribution

Produce Distribution

The power of real-time produce distribution data can assist your business in breaking down cost and profitability across production lines, warehouses, and product locations. A solid ERP system Implemented by S-Metric with features such as Reverse BOM, Catch Weight, Lot Tracking, and Quality Rating for Batch can be your center for plot management, case size management, and business information database.


ERP systems support all major manufacturing such as Discrete, Processed, and Project manufacturing. Partnering with our professional team will allow you to optimize your MRP, schedule management, plan flexibly and shop floor business control processes for continuous growth.

Service Industries

Consolidate your business, streamline workflows and serve your clients better. Whether you specialize in short or long-term projects, S-Metric can help you in all aspects of running your business, including virtual scheduling, job costing, HR, and direct payroll integration.

Food & Beverage Distribution

Food & Beverage businesses need improved QA management, LOT & expiration control, FDA compliance, planning, inventory, and logistics management solutions. S-Metric can assist with these and other operational requirements of the industry and consolidate all your data into a single system.

At Smetric, we are committed to helping our partners achieve their business goals and gain a competitive advantage. Our team of ERP experts are the best in the business and has enabled many of our clients to experience the immense benefits of ERP implementation.

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