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How do I select the best ERP features for my company?

Regardless of details, most of the top ERP programs have the tools, modules, and features you need. The real question, therefore, is not the right program, but the right ERP partner. If your ERP partner is experienced with your specific industry, they can help select the right features.
In other words, select an ERP partner who fits your needs, then work with them to select the right features.

Why do I need an ERP?

You need an ERP for two main reasons: efficiency and visibility. It makes your business more efficient, while also making information more visible.
While most prospects look for new ERP due to inefficiency of operation, they overlook the value of Data, which can be a vital asset to your company’s future. You will gain a competitive advantage by owning reliable analytical data.

How do I know if my current ERP should be updated or replaced?

If your ERP can’t integratewith other programs, it’s probably time for an update.
Modern ERPs focus on integration. They should be able to integrate with any other software that has modern APIs. For example, if your ERP cannot handle JSON integration, it likely needs to be updated. If your current ERP does not have integration capabilities, you will have to use a work around, sacrificing the efficiency and performance that comes with the seamless integrations available from a modern ERP.

I’m having trouble with inventory control. What ERP features should I have?

There are many features that can help with inventory control, but you should not confuse inventory control with a warehouse management system. This is a common mistake but one that is easily clarified.
Inventory control is about how much inventory you currently have on hand vs how much you should have on hand. However, warehouse management is about the location of your inventory, how it should be stored, and how it should be picked.
Businesses should focus on inventory control first when implementing an ERP system.

How can an ERP help with my inventory forecasting?

Modern ERPs use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to forecast inventory needs. The system uses sales history, market trends, and even input from social media to accomplish this.

How will an ERP help manage growth?

An ERP gives you access to current and future trends, all while providing operational efficiency. It also supports the growth of your company by allowing you to scale the system as needed.

Can I reduce staff after implementing an ERP?

An ERP can reduce unnecessary positions, but it can also increase efficiencies, generate opportunities, and create a need to hire more workers . You might eliminate repetitive data-entry positions, but could end up hiring additional employees because your company is positioned for higher growth. Most companies actually hiremore staff members after implementing an ERP.

What can an ERP do to improve my manufacturing efficiency and cost-effectiveness?

No matter if you are process or discrete manufacturing industry, modern ERP provides full traceability of inventory costs, materials, and Lot/Serial numbers. This allows for higher efficiencies and a cost-effective process.

What is the difference between power users and light users and how do I decide which to assign?

All users who input data or have the need to read the data should have access to the ERP. Generally, those who input and modify data are considered power users while those who mainly read and analyze data are considered light users.

I am having trouble managing cash flow. Can an ERP help?

Yes! Our modern ERP system has cashflow management built in. It can predict your cash inflow and expenses while helping to manage your cash flow.

Can an ERP be linked to an app for my customers?

Yes. Our modern ERP has API Integration built into the system. This allows customers or vendors to interact with the software, and they can do so in a standardized way.

Should I use a cloud ERP? Why?

Many businesses today are turning to a public cloud ERP solution [SAAS] because it offers higher accessibility, less need for IT resources, and fewer infrastructure costs. A cloud-based ERP mightbebeneficialtoyou ifyou do not have an in-house IT professional. Keep in mind there is also the option of a private cloud for larger organizations that need to maintain their data.

What are the benefits of an ERP created with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central?

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is designed for agile implementation. It has been a very popular choice for the distribution and manufacturing industry and offers both private and public clouds.

What are the benefits of an ERP created with Acumatica?

Acumatica is based on amodern platform using C# on an object-oriented coding structure. It has been a common option for project management and service industries,and also offers both private and public clouds.

Microsoft Dynamics BC or Acumatica: Which is the right one for me?

While both ERPs can serve many sectors when properly tailored, they each excel in different areas. Microsoft Dynamics tends to excel for distribution and manufacturing, while Acumatica is more mature for service-industry businesses.
If you do not have your own software development team and are looking for faster implementation, Microsoft Dynamics BC is recommended. However, if you have an in-house software development team, Acumatica might be better for you.

My billing is complex and inconsistent. Can an ERP System help?

We work with ERP systems that are agile and flexible, so if you have a complex billing system, our tailored ERP services can help. Regardless of your specific issues, our team is used to dealing with many unique situations.

What security measures are included in your ERP systems?

The Microsoft platform enables security and has two authentication factors built in. It can also manage IPs and encrypt the database.

What is the ROI for an ERP?

The return on your investment will vary, and with so many variables, it’s hard to determine a specific return for all companies. The “return” comes from information, especially meaningful data that can be an incalculable asset to your company. However, many of our clients see the breakeven point within 3 to 5 years.

Do I need to update my hardware for an ERP?

If you are implementing or upgrading an ERP, you will need new hardware. Our team can help with hardware and network configuration, making the process much easier.

Will I need to hire an IT staff member?

This depends on the size and vision of your company. Some clients prefer to have their IT services handled by the partner, while others have in-house IT. Even if you go completely public cloud, if you have multiple integration projects , in-house IT resources will be required.

How much does an ERP cost?

It’s hard to put down a specific figure; it all depends on how much you want to do. All companies want to run their businesses in a simple manner , and using “out of the box” functionality only can be very affordable. But many clients request more services and tools after seeing the power of an ERP. While we can’t give a specific number, please reach out to our team and we would be happy to provide pricing information.