Dynamics NAV (Navision) is a very complex ERP System. You need to have the right Implementer to effectively implement the system; otherwise, you will start to customize the system when you are not required to. Since Dynamics-NAV is easy to customize, a lot of other solution centers abuse this feature. Instead of understating Dynamics NAV better and implementing the right built-in granule for clients, they customize the system and create their own wheel. Not only will it increase your initial budget, but also it will increase all your future maintenance and upgrading costs.

S-Metric will provide you certified and experienced professionals at your site. S-Metric has resources certified with Financial Management, Relationship Management, Trade-Inventory Management, Manufacturing, Cost Management, and Service Management. Most of our implementers are certified as “Master Certified of Dynamic NAV Implementation”, which is the highest certification in the implementation area. MS-SQL certified IT consultants and CPA level accountants back up our technical implementation, so you don’t have to worry about implementation of your software.

Here are a few things that you probably want to compare with other solution centers:

1. Is their project manager/implementer Microsoft Certified? (And Certified in what area?)
2. Will they be there from the beginning of the project till the end?
3. What experience does this resource have in Dynamics NAV within USA?
4. Does he understand your industry?
5. What type of system back-up plan do they have?

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