Comprehensive, up-to-date financial information is vital to run a company successfully in these economic times. Financial Management systems today must be fully integrated with all business processes, allowing concise and correct information to be easily presented and evaluated by a company's decision makers. The system must be flexible enough to provide information at a high level for an overview of how a company is doing, while also providing the ability to zoom in for a detailed look into problem areas.

Here are a few features the Dynamics NAV Financial Management module provides you out of the box:

  1. Dynamics NAV FM module is fully integrated with sales, service, purchasing, inventory control and Manufacturing modules.
  2. Dynamics NAV FM module includes steamlined processes for tracking and collecting accounts recievable as well as easy payment preparation and check writing features.
  3. Dynamics NAV FM module allows easy management and reconciliation of unlimited bank accounts.
  4. Dynamics NAV FM module can help control and manage the entire life cycle of fixed assets - from acquisition to disposal.
  5. Dynamics NAV FM module fully supports multicurrency, budgets, company consolidations, and inter-company processes.

Here are a few ways S-Metric can help you utilize Dynamics NAV further:

  1. S-Metric can integrate the FM module with your Payroll service, bank account, employee expense tracking and other outside processes that should automatically feed data into your accounting system.
  2. S-Metric can train you to create your own custom financial reports and charts for ease of reporting and presentation.
  3. S-Metric can create custom files of financial information for interfaces with your customers, vendors and banks.
  4. S-Metric can help you to tailor your chart of accounts to maximize Dynamics Nav' dimensional view feature supported in all Dynamics Nav modules.

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