S-Metric LLC was founded based on the belief that our clients must be successful in order for us to be successful. We are a Microsoft Partner, specializing in Dynamics NAV. We believe Dynamics NAV is a right solution for mid-large scale businesses because it can be easily customized compare to other ERP systems. Every business process is different from one another, with each own unique principal and philosophy.

We have a solid methodology that allows us to implement our clients' solution to become more simple, secure, and scalable. Don't choose your solution center loosely and have Dynamics NAV be your nightmare. Consider us as your Dynamics NAV provider for these reasons.

1. Responsibility. If you are looking for a solution center that can take on full implementation as well as full support, you should contact us. Many companies will only try to sell you their products, but not many companies give good support and receive positive feedback. We strive to refer all our customers to whomever they request or whatever documents they desire to see evidence of.

2. Simplicity. We do not expect you to be an IT-guru. Dynamics NAV is a complex software with many options which may not necessary for your solutions. We always try to design the user interface in such a way that you will only see what you need. It makes your experience very simple.

3. Security. One of the major concerns for any client is about how secure their information is. We value this security so we have internal security experts who constantly audit the clients’ systems in order to make sure that the clients are exposed to minimal security threats. Also, Microsoft Dynamics NAV also has a backbone called the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 that has enhanced security features for this purpose.

4. Scalability. We do not expect you to use the same system for over 10 years. ERP systems need to be well-maintained and upgraded for performance and security reasons. We are designing the system to be easily upgradable, making sure that it is coded to be conventional and well-documented. We will try to minimize the cost of upgrading your system by maintaining your code well.

5. Honesty. We believe honesty is the most important value because it helps us to keep a healthy relationship with our clients. You might have experienced many times when companies give you an underestimated quote and then bill you a lot higher later on. Even if they promise you fixed bill, once you get them as a partner, they will start to overcharge you to take back the cost. Many clients who transferred to us have told us stories about how other solution centers lied to them. We will give you realistic estimations and the best solutions based on your budget. We can give you client references about their confidence in our honesty.

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